Synthematika IV incl. GINGER SNAP5

Synthematik is proud to present SYNTHEMATIKA FOUR, the fourth installment of its trademark compilation series focused on lesser known artists from the synth / industrial scene around the world.
SYNTHEMATIKA FOUR features a diverse range of talented bands and projects from Russia, United States, Ukraine, Germany, United Kingdom and other countries. The compilation offers a lot of previously unreleased tracks as well as special versions and exclusive material.
You are welcomed to enjoy more than 150 minutes of synthpop / futurepop / ebm / aggrotech music from bands like Mental Discipline, Frozen Plasma, Unity One, Ginger Snap5, Mechanical Apfelsine, Dust Heaven, LastraX, Pulse State, Nórdika, Sleetgrout, [Sin.Thetic Squad], Shadow System, Invisible Devastation, Hired.Life, Fetish’ist, Digital Crash and many others.





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