Distant Star

Slitting heavenly expanse
I leave white swirls of smoke behind
drops of sweat on my strained face
illuminated with dashboard lights
I rush in pursuit of ultra-short waves
this is the mission of my life
leaving out the atmosphere
break into space without fright

call of distant stars
pulls me through the space of dust
I feel I’m filled with light
and blinded by sporadic shine
i close my eyes
and sing a song of starland skies
stepping on gas, leaving frontier
in no-man’s land i disappear
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So weeks have passed and I stopped counting the days
This signal chase is one-way trip
my power’s low and i drift in this place
Looks like i’m hostage of the dead ship
no don’t, don’t you grieve, don’t be sad that i gone
i’m on my way to my cherished light
and if you suddenly miss me, I’m there
just raise you gaze at starry skies

now i’m a distant star
i am a signal on radar
destroyed by sporadic shine
reflect silent deadly sunlight
i close my eyes
now i’m part of starland skies
I feel i lost control
And into particles I fall



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